Please note that during the 2020 lockdown Laughter Yoga Professionals in the UK are putting together resources to make it easier to find online laughter inspiration around the UK.

The time table for Online and Telephone Laughter is being updated regularly so you are able to find an online laughter class during the weeks where the social spaces are kept closed.

Laughter Clubs in the UK are popping up everywhere and it can be a jungle to find one near you own location.

This page serves as a guide.

The Google Map of Laughter Clubs in the UK below gives you the most up-to-date overview of regular Laughter Clubs around the country.

If you cannot find a Laughter Club near your location perhaps you would like to train as a Certified Laughter Leader and start your own Laughter Club.

If you hear of Laughter Clubs that are not listed we would love to hear about them so they can be added to the map, info@laughterclub.org.uk, the map is dependent on Laughter Professionals keeping the ‘map-handler’ up-to-date with new and existing details of Laughter Clubs.

Please visit the page about Laughter Clubs to find information about where to look for Certified Laughter Teachers as well as alternative Laughter Clubs.

Enjoy your visit to the Laughter Club!